Why Dry Mouth is Important

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Xerostomia is a dental condition affecting the salivation levels of the mouth, leaving the mouth with a dry feeling that can ultimately cause damage to the pearly whites. With a little bit of aid from our team, you can manage xerostomia; here are a few things that you should recognize.

Lots of people believe that having a dry mouth is of no consequence, but in reality, dry mouth and xerostomia can cause very harmful side effects. To correctly chew, eat, talk and breathe, you need the right amounts of spit in your oral cavity. Saliva also helps battle off oral issues like gum disease and dental caries. A lack of spit will majorly lower your quality of life, so it’s imperative to take it seriously and pursue treatment for it asap.

Regrettably, there are no widely accepted surgical practices related to addressing dry mouth or correcting the production of spit from the salivary glands. Most of the treatments for xerostomia are lifestyle suggestions such as dietary customizations and oral health practices, though products such as spit stimulants and spit stand-ins can be used to treat xerostomia with some success.

At Crosby Dental Center, we don’t want our patients to worry about xerostomia. If you haven’t already scheduled your regular checkup or if you’d like to set up another checkup, please call Drs. Jim Nored & Annette Gemp now at 281-328-3569 and they’ll get you all set up here at one of our Texas offices.