Top 7 of the Most Common Dental Problems

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We are all probably pretty familiar with reasons one might go to the emergency room: maybe a broken leg, or a car accident. What kind of problems arise in the dental world? Read this article to find out.

  • Bad Breath – if you deal with bad breath – you are not alone! More than 85% of people have bad breath and say it all stemmed from a dental condition.
  • Tooth Decay – Decay is the second most prevalent disease in the United States.Brush and floss twice per day for best results.
  • Gum Disease – Studies have shown that gum disease can lead to more serious diseases later in life like heart attacks and strokes.
  • Oral Cancer – oral cancer affects millions of people. More than 300,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. The disease is usually highly treatable.
  • Mouth Sores – mouth sores are also another common occurrence in many people. Mouth sores include cold sores, canker sores, fever blisters, and ulcers.
  • Tooth Sensitivity – tooth sensitivity affects millions of people. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, try using a sensitive toothpaste.
  • Tooth Erosion – tooth erosion is the loss of tooth enamel and tooth structure. It is somewhat common, but can easily be avoided.