Three Oral Conditions That Can Result in Bleeding Gums

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Many patients overlook and ignore the presence of bleeding gums because they consider the situation harmless, but if you have bloody gums, you may be dealing with a larger dental health problem. It’s important to seek treatment for bleeding gums so that you can discover their cause. There are many causes of bleeding gums, and we are going to review the three most common that you should be aware of.

The most concerning cause of bleeding gums is the development of gum disease, an infection that irritates the gums to the point that they bleed. Gum disease symptoms may be swollen, red, and bleeding gum tissue; gum recession; and chronic bad breath. It’s important to come visit Crosby Dental Center if you suspect you may have gum disease.

If you have poor oral hygiene habits, you may experience bleeding gums when you do floss and brush because the gums have become complacent and aren’t used to the floss string or toothbrush bristles. You may find that the bleeding stops within a week of improving your oral care routine.

Pregnancy gingivitis can also cause bleeding gums when the hormonal changes make the gums turn red, tender, and swollen. These signs of gingivitis–the early stage of gum disease–can be addressed by our doctor to prevent them from becoming worse.

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