The Tips You Need to Make Your Child’s Dental Appointment Easier

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Dental appointments are vital for a strong and successful oral health. However, sometimes it can be tough getting children to cooperate in the dental chair. If this is the case for you and you can’t seem to make your child’s appointment any easier, our Crosby Dental Center team has some tips that can help! Try doing the following things to help your child have a better experience at the dental office:

Bring your child in at the right time
Timing is everything, which is why we ask you to consider the time of day that you bring your child in for the appointment. If you bring them in during their naptime, they will typically be cranky and grumpy, which won’t help. For older children, it’s best to bring them in when they have energy so they aren’t tired or worn out after a long day at school or camp.

Set an example
If you need your teeth cleaned, it may be best to have your appointment first. That way, you can set an example for your child and show them that caring for your smile isn’t as bad as it may seem.

Feed your child prior to the appointment
A hungry child is not a happy child, which is why we ask that you feed them prior to the appointment. If your child comes into the office with a full stomach, they will feel more comfortable in the dental chair. Also, if your child tends to gag during their treatment, please feed them lightly on the off chance that they throw up.

Leave your anxiety at the door
If you have anxiety, your child will most likely feel it, which is why we ask you to leave your anxiety and nerves at the door. If you feel relaxed and carefree at the office, your child will feel that way as well. Also, please try to keep your cool if your child does not cooperate. The angrier and more tense you get, the worse the situation will be.

Your dentist, Dr. Jim Nored & Annette Gemp, wants your child to have the best experience possible, which is why we recommend trying these provided tips. If you have any questions about children’s dental appointments in Houston, Texas, please call 281-328-3569 now and talk to a member of our team. We are here to give you the information you need to succeed!