Regular Dental Checkup and Cleaning Is Essential for Good Oral Health

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While brushing and flossing your teeth twice per day is a critical part of your oral hygiene routine, they are only one part. Your twice a year routine dental checkup is also critical for good oral health. The checkup is designed to clean your teeth, remove tartar, detect tooth decay, as well as screen for gum disease and oral cancer.

The first half of the appointment includes a basic cleaning where a highly trained hygienist removes tartar and polishes your teeth. This removes minor staining, while also helping to detect problem areas, gum health and tooth decay.

If you have any problem areas that you’re concerned about, let them know so they can give it extra attention and note it for the dentist.

The second half of appointment involves a routine checkup where the dentist looks for any tooth decay while also inspecting your gums for any signs of gum disease. The end of the appointment includes a basic oral cancer screening, where they will check your tongue, throat, face, head and neck looking for any signs of infection, swelling or cancer.

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