Problems from a Missing Front Tooth Can Be Prevented with a Dental Implant

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The teeth in the front of your mouth play a wide range of important roles. On a functional level, they are primarily responsible for biting off tough and hard foods, while also playing a role in the clarity of your speech. On a cosmetic level, your smile’s appearance communicates health and helps with a plethora of facial expressions.

When a tooth in your smile is lost to dental trauma or untreated tooth decay, it can also lead to other orthodontic complications. As time goes on, the structural loss of the tooth can cause its adjacent neighbors to drift out of their ideal position and orientation. This can cause excess wear and tear on the other teeth in your bite pattern, including unsightly chips in the tooth enamel.

To prevent this from happening, Dr. Jim Nored & Annette Gemp can perform a dental implant restoration at their Houston, Texas clinic.

This is a two-part dental restoration where Dr. Jim Nored & Annette Gemp surgically inserts a titanium abutment into the tooth’s empty socket. In time, the implant will attain total fusion with the surrounding bone tissues creating an anchor point for an eventual porcelain crown. The special dental grade porcelain can be shaded to match your surrounding teeth, thus restoring the natural appearance and function of your smile.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area and you need a front tooth restored, you should call 281-328-3569 to set up a consultation with Dr. Jim Nored & Annette Gemp.