Is a Cavity Trying to Gain Traction in Your Smile?

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When tooth decay attacks your tooth it will cause a hole called a cavity in your tooth enamel. Sometimes you won’t even be aware that a cavity is harming your smile until the decay reaches the dentin below the enamel, where small nerve endings lie, causing you to feel pain or sensitivity. This is why your routine dental checkups are so important, as they can detect cavities before they penetrate the enamel.

This is why regular, six-month dental checkups are crucial because your dentist can spot cavities before they penetrate tooth enamel. At our practice, Dr. Jim Nored and Dr. Annette Gemp, routinely check for any signs of decay during your dental checkup. Treating the cavities when they are still small is less invasive than treating them with bigger fillings, root canal therapy or extraction if the decay is too advanced.

Spotting cavities while they are still small is less invasive and less expensive than when they have been allowed to progress. Untreated decay can result in large fillings, root canal therapy or even extraction if the decay is too advanced. How do you know if you have a cavity? You may have a cavity if you find the following:

  • You experience sensitivity to sweet, sour, or sticky foods.
  • You discover that a tooth has lost its filling.
  • A tooth fractures or chips.
  • Your tooth hurts, manifesting in either a sharp or throbbing pain.
  • When you chew food or bite down it hurts.
  • You feel sensitivity or pain when you breathe in cold air through your mouth or eat or drink hot or cold foods.
  • You find a dark spot on a tooth.

To treat a tooth with decay, your dentist will remove the decay and fill the hole with a material to repair it. Cracks and fractures in the tooth will be filled, including small holes.

Don’t let a cavity in your smile gain traction. Be sure to keep all six-month dental checkups with our team at Crosby Dental Center to stay cavity-free in Houston, Texas. Please call us at 281-328-3569 today if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment.