If You Experience Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Symptoms, You Should Seek a Dentist’s Attention

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Your routine dental checkup at Dr. Jim Nored & Annette Gemp’s practice is designed to clean your mouth of plaque, and tartar buildup, while also monitoring the overall health of your mouth. This includes a basic screening for signs of oral, and pharyngeal cancer.

If you experience symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer between exams, you should not delay in seeking professional diagnosis at our Houston, Texas practice. Early detection of these serious oral health maladies can significantly increase your long-term treatment success rate.

Indeed the American Dental Association estimates that The 5-year relative survival rate for those with localized disease at diagnosis is 83%, compared with only 38% in patients whose cancer has metastasized.

Early symptoms of oral cancer could include a persistent pain in your mouth, which might also be associated with swelling or a lump in your cheek or gums. You should also be concerned about any red or white areas on your gums, tongue, or tonsils.

Pharyngeal cancer, sometimes referred to as throat cancer can have symptoms that include a persistent sore throat or a feeling like something is stuck at the back of your throat.

If you are in the Houston, Texas, area and you are experiencing any of the symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer, you should not delay in calling 281-328-3569 to schedule a checkup and screening at Crosby Dental Center.