Through education and guidance Dr. Nored and Dr. Annette can help any person. If you are open to improving your overall health and wellness through dentistry, Dr. Nored has a network of doctors that can assist in your overall wellness. When striving to achieve health and wellness, we may concentrate on some of the following:

Dr. Nored believes that poor nutrition can weaken your immune system, allowing for dental disease. Having good nutrition for your body can help prevent dental problems. Dr. Nored advises patients that diet and exercise will improve your overall health, and therefore the manner in which dental procedures are performed can also affect your physical balance. We should all pare down the use of toxic materials and attitudes, finding a way to build spiritual balance that can improve our overall health. We believe that spiritual balance will improve our dental and overall health. When treating patients, the best interest of the patient is kept in mind. Once you are a part of the practice and your thoughts are focused on health, then Dr. Nored will provide further resources for your benefit.

There is always time to share knowledge about health and wellness. Call us to schedule a preventative appointment today!