Do you have mercury and metal fillings that mar your appearance or detract in some way from your health? Many of us have metal sensitivity and are influenced by the mercury and nickel used in previous dental visits. There is a long history of learning about this and a lot of conflict between dentists as to how and when this is best and safely done. We too have our opinion usually expressed as the Huggins Protocol. It can be adjusted up and down to meet the needs and beliefs of the patient.

Certain measures have to be taken to remove mercury fillings safely. Patients are exposed to the mercury in the filling when it is removed. We keep the mercury filling cool to reduce the release of mercury during the filling removal. If the dental filling is cooled with water and air during the drilling process, the mercury vapor released is reduced dramatically. Drilling the mercury filling into chunks and then removing those chunks with a hand instrument or suction will also reduce the release of mercury. Using a more powerful suction system during the procedure will help capture the mercury vapor. We will provide the patient with an alternative source of air, oxygen, or a high-volume suction system. We use a rubber dam to isolate the tooth that is having the mercury filling removed.

Since there is no absolute rule on these subjects, the best way to proceed may be the most conservative. This procedure always requires discussions and consent before moving ahead. Call today to schedule a consultation before any work is contemplated.