When a patient has a cavity, we may recommend a composite dental filling. We will remove the decayed area of the tooth, clean, and fill the area with the composite filling material. Unlike amalgam dental fillings, which contain silver, mercury, tin, zinc, and copper, composite fillings contain no metal. Composite dental fillings are made from tooth-colored materials. They are complicated, conjugated polymers and salts. They are bonded into place and light polymerized. They are tested for compatibility before being used as fillings. We do not use plastic fillings.

When placing a dental filling, we will first remove the tooth decay from your tooth. The area is tested to ensure that all of the decay has been removed. Then we will clean the area of bacteria and debris. We place the composite in layers. A special light is used to harden each layer as it is applied. When all of the layers are in place, we will shape the material and trim off any excess. The final filling is polished. It is possible to test the material used in the fillings to match the chemical makeup and the demands of the patients. The service is done as a blood test, performed by a lab in Colorado. The advice of conservative replacement dentistry is to consider testing before placing exotic chemistry in your mouth. The consideration is higher in those patients with chronic illness or a history of immune hypofunction.

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