Dealing With Dental Fluorosis

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If you are raising children, you may know that there are many training toothpastes you could choose from. You might have also heard that most toothpastes contain fluoride, but are you aware that training toothpastes don’t? Toothpaste that has fluoride in it should not be swallowed, so you avoid giving it to children until they can spit it out on their own. You’ll also need to be very careful with how much fluoride you let your child have as they get older because too much fluoride can lead to fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is typically caused by a lack of minerals in the outer layer of your kid’s teeth, which tends to happen when your child ingests too much fluoride. This is why your kids shouldn’t swallow toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is typically added to drinking water to help prevent cavities. Another interesting fact about dental fluorosis is that it only happens while your adult teeth are developing.

If your little one has fluorosis, you could notice white lines or spots in their teeth. Dental fluorosis might also cause dark spots. While this particular dental issue can be embarrassing, dental fluorosis isn’t actually harmful and can be effectively treated. You can also prevent this problem by making sure your kids spit fluoride out.

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