Can Holistic Dentistry Improve Your Oral Health?

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Holistic dentistry is the search for whole body wellness including the mouth, teeth and gums. If one part of your health is off, your entire body will suffer along with it. The same can be said with oral health issues. Also, not all dental procedures are considered beneficial to holistic dentists. Here are some we recommend you avoid:

Root canals are widely believed to be ineffective to the holistic community due to the difficulty in sterilizing a tooth’s canal completely and safely. Even some of the products used in the sterilization process can be considered toxic. Additional risks such as cancer and heart disease can be increased from root canals.

Fluoride treatments are considered dangerous by a swath of dentists everywhere. Studies have shown that fluoride ingestion can be fatal in large doses, and links have been found between fluoride and cancer and bone deficiencies.

Mercury is a toxin. At no level is it safe for human consumption or use. However, mercury is used to bind the metals together in a dental amalgam and placed into our teeth. Due to major safety concerns, most holistic dentists avoid using mercury and dental amalgams.

Holistic dentists tend to avoid products, materials, and procedures that are not compatible with the natural composition of our bodies. This includes products found in composites, crowns, bridges, fillings, among others, which are then changed out. Thus, anything not biocompatible is ditched and replaced with more nature-friendly products.

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