Enhance Your Fall Smile with Healthy Food Diets

With all the temptations that will be thrust your way during the numerous holidays that are coming, it is important to do your best to eat healthy to prevent oral accidents and injuries that may arise. Healthy foods are abound if you’re willing to look for them. One of the key elements that affects a… Read more »

Is a Cavity Trying to Gain Traction in Your Smile?

When tooth decay attacks your tooth it will cause a hole called a cavity in your tooth enamel. Sometimes you won’t even be aware that a cavity is harming your smile until the decay reaches the dentin below the enamel, where small nerve endings lie, causing you to feel pain or sensitivity. This is why your… Read more »

Daily Consistencies is an Important Factor in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

The American Dental Association was founded to help people preserve their oral health throughout the course of their lives. This is done through a series of guidelines, recommendations, and information available to the public. One of their most important recommendations calls for brushing your teeth twice and flossing once each day. This daily oral hygiene… Read more »

The Tooth-Harming Habits Your Kids Should Avoid

If your child has grown into their permanent teeth, then it’s important to do all you can to keep them in tip-top shape. This is recommended because the permanent teeth should last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are many things/habits that can harm your child’s teeth and put their smile in danger. Our dental team would… Read more »

Fun Facts About Dental Erosion

Do you know what the effects of dental erosion are on your smile? Dental erosion, sometimes known as enamel erosion, is the process of harmful acids eating through your tooth enamel thereby causing tooth decay and cavities. Dental erosion should be prevented and treated whenever possible. Shield your teeth from dental erosion begins with keeping… Read more »

Treating Toothaches

Are you wondering what to do to treat your toothache? If so, you have come to the right place! Here at in , , our office cares about your oral health. That is why our team is dedicated to helping you deal a toothache when it strikes. When it comes to a toothache, the first… Read more »

If You Experience Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Symptoms, You Should Seek a Dentist’s Attention

Your routine dental checkup at Dr. ’s practice is designed to clean your mouth of plaque, and tartar buildup, while also monitoring the overall health of your mouth. This includes a basic screening for signs of oral, and pharyngeal cancer. If you experience symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer between exams, you should not delay… Read more »

Problems from a Missing Front Tooth Can Be Prevented with a Dental Implant

The teeth in the front of your mouth play a wide range of important roles. On a functional level, they are primarily responsible for biting off tough and hard foods, while also playing a role in the clarity of your speech. On a cosmetic level, your smile’s appearance communicates health and helps with a plethora… Read more »

Dealing With Dental Fluorosis

If you are raising children, you may know that there are many training toothpastes you could choose from. You might have also heard that most toothpastes contain fluoride, but are you aware that training toothpastes don’t? Toothpaste that has fluoride in it should not be swallowed, so you avoid giving it to children until they… Read more »

Am I at Risk for Gum Disease?

Risk factors for gum disease are more common than you might think. The risk factors for periodontal disease include smoking, diabetes, genetic susceptibility, stress, grinding or clenching teeth, advanced age, certain medications affecting oral health, poor diet and obesity. Men have an increased chance of periodontal disease compared to women. Advanced plaque or tartar build-up… Read more »