drnoredJim Nored, DDS

Dr. Nored is a general dentist now practicing in Crosby, Houston and the Postoak area. The areas are different but still sprout special people. He was born outside of Forth Worth in Weatherford, Texas, in 1946. Many educational years produced a D.D.S. from the University of Texas.

He started Greenspoint Dental Center in the ‘70s and later sold it to a prosthodontist. Personal reassessment awakened a desire to reconnect with patients and friends.

Travel opens doorways to the ideas of naturally based medicine and wellness. “I have benefited from the input of a generation of healers.”  Around the world people have used plants and natural medicine to survive. Modern medicine has taken a big bite out of our knowledge of local medicine and natural healing. We cling to our historical medical roots, both American Indian and early American folk medicine.

– Jim Nored, DDS

drgempAnnette Gemp, DMD

Dr. Annette Gemp completed a BA from Vassar College and received her dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1983. She continued her postdoctoral education at Brown University, completing a General Practice Residency. She holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree.

She built and sold her practice in Rhode Island and found her way to Houston. Here she has maintained a thoroughly modern and healthy general practice with lots of input from travels. There is much to learn from others who first share their differences and then their wisdom. Dr. Annette puts caring for her patients as the best part of being a dentist.

Joining Dr. Jim Nored to practice in Houston, and tending to her own practice near the Galleria, she stays on the leading edge of dental technology and dental procedures. She often asks her dental team and patients to call her “Dr. Annette.”

Dr. Annette has an eye for beauty. She excels at Cosmetic and General Dental procedures. Smile Makeovers, Porcelain Veneers, Metal-Free Bridges and Composite Bonded Restorations are the start of modern day practice.

She is contracted with several dental insurance plans and accepts payment directly from them. Building long term relationships with her patients is very important to Dr. Annette. As an involved member of the dental community, Dr. Annette is a member of Cambridge Who’s Who Registry for Professional Women in Dentistry.

–Annette Gemp